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Don't ask what the world needs. Rather ask - what makes you come alive? Then go and do it! Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

—Howard Thurmane

Training in Healing Key Way

Instructors William (Bill) Phipps, M.S. and Karen Kuenning, M.S.


The Healing Key Way Training has been offered annually since 2002. The structure of the trainings is similar from year to year. However, because Healing Key Way is continually evolving, there is always a certain amount of new material in each training year. Some practitioners return year after year, and the cost to all returning students is half that of new students. Occasional advanced training sessions are held for those who've completed one or more years of training, and these are priced separately.

We are interested in people who have done enough of their own healing work and personal evolution to be ready for this work. Students are accepted based on muscle testing conducted in sacred space. Training is offered based upon a sufficient number of students committed to attending.

There is no obligation or expectation that the student become certified or open a business. The training serves those who would like to:

  • start a new career as a Healing Key Way practitioner
  • add to the healing work they already offer their clients
  • experience powerful progress with their personal healing
  • use this healing system for themselves and their families, particularly their children

2014-2015 Healing Key Way training application

We welcome your inquiries. Please call Bill Phipps at 509-536-8054 or email him at


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