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As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world - that is the myth of the "atomic age" - as in being able to remake ourselves.


About Jari Serra

Jari Serra, B.S.

Jari Serra

Certified Master Practitioner of Healing Key Way

I grew up in Oregon, first in Portland, then Bend and Eugene. I graduated from Oregon State University in 1977 with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Institution Management, became a dietitian, and then worked in Portland and Seattle. I was always holistically-oriented, and I made my final break from working within the mainstream medical system in 1986. I spent the last 21 years in Spokane, Washington in private practice as an integrative* dietitian. I was fortunate to spend the last 13 of those years working part time for Will Corell, M.D., an integrative physician. I've been a holistic dietitian and nutritionist for over twenty-five years.

I came to my profession as a Healing Key Way practitioner by a long and bumpy journey. From my earliest memories around age three, I was already interested in healing, food as medicine, yoga, the meaning of life and the "unseen world". I was joyous and curious. At age five or six, a series of traumas put me in shock and left me dazed and insecure for many years. Challenged with my own issues, I began delving into personal growth and spiritual writings in junior high and saw my first counselor by age 16.

From high school to age 45, I saw several counselors. At times it was helpful, but eventually I grew tired of my own stories and realized I'd mined all I could from conventional therapy. I couldn't find anyone who was out ahead of me, who had the wisdom and skill to lead me beyond what I already knew.

In 2004, I heard about Healing Key Way from a friend, and I began sessions with Bill Phipps, one of its founders. I recognized immediately that this was different from counseling. My sense of hopelessness evolved into trust. This system of healing addressed my mental and emotional imbalances at a deeper level than counseling, medications and dietary changes had. I was really and finally coming out from under my discouragement, feeling physically and emotionally lighter and happier. My sense of being irreparably damaged and out of touch with life gradually faded.

Within a few months of beginning sessions with Bill, I entered training to establish a second career as a practitioner of Healing Key Way. I became a practitioner in 2005 and have attended every subsequent training. In 2009, I was one of the first four practitioners to become a Master Practitioner.

While no one is ever fully healed, free of any limiting trauma imprints or conflicted beliefs, we can reach a point where a strong foundation has replaced a shaky one and the building blocks are available to keep moving forward with greater and greater ease. Even Gandhi still had a few inner conflicts late in his life. There's always a plus factor, another step we can take to unburden our psyche of "unhealed stuff," as I call it. Today I have a deeper level of self-acceptance and compassion toward myself and others. I trust my own wisdom much more. And I have the good fortune to be part of and witness to other people's healing journeys as well.

* Integrative medicine is a term that describes the blending of mainstream/allopathic medicine with holistic/naturopathic medicine.

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