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It's like driving a car at night. You never see further than your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.

—E.L. Doctorow

Don't compromise yourself.  You're all you've got. 

—Janis Joplin



"I'm very pleased with Healing Key Way and Jari's help. One change is a big improvement in my relationship with my husband. I was ready to give up. I had no idea that changes within me would cause me to see him so differently. Because I've changed, he responds to me in a more loving way. We're closer than we've been in many years. I'm feeling a lot more peaceful within myself as well, especially regarding my work and not feeling nearly as stressed by it."

—Caroline H.

"I love Healing Key Way.  It's helped me transform my life.  I don't understand the way it works, but it's brought about profound changes in my life, in improving health, and in allowing me to be receptive to attracting very positive new relationships, which is the area where I had prayed for healing. I highly recommend Healing Key Way."

—Jacqui P.

"After every Healing Key session, I feel lighter, like I've been relieved of burdens that are actually physical as well as psychological. Also, the "stories" we access give me insights into the roots of what is blocking me. My biggest challenge has been food and eating. Knowing the root causes of a bad habit has never helped me before, but the way we access this information leads to a different kind of knowing. I've gained insights that have lead to real change."

—Katherine T.

"Jari has a way of going right to the heart of any matter. She uses the Healing Key Way protocol, but there's room for us to talk about current things if I need to. Even if we don't discuss anything going on in my life right now, what comes up in the healing work always relates to my present challenge. I feel like I'm making real progress."

—Ruby S.

"Healing Key work is something I think you have to experience to understand. It took me a few sessions to get how it really is working with me. Now I feel excited each time to see what we will discover. I still have moods, but they are milder, and I don't have the anxiety about it that I used to have. Jari is supportive and accepting, always teaching principles I feel the truth of, that I can trust. I feel a hopefulness I haven't had since I was very young."

—Jason B.

"I've been doing Healing Key sessions with Jari for almost two years. I look forward to sessions, knowing that whatever the testing leads to is always tied in with my current life. It's actually really helpful because I get insights on conflicts, questions and logistical problems I've been having. She does sometimes offer advice, but most of the answers just come from within me."

—Andrea L.


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