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The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness, with the universe and all its powers. And, when they realize that at the center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit, and that this center is really everywhere - it is within each of us.

—Black Elk

Truth is tough. It will not break, like a bubble, at a touch. Nay, you may kick it about all day, and it will be round and full at evening.

—Oliver Wendell Holmes

Description of Healing Key Way

by Jari Serra, B.S. and William Phipps, M.S.


Healing Key Way is a system of healing. It has the same goals as counseling - improvement of emotional, mental and spiritual functioning - but it is not counseling. It is healing in the deepest sense of the word. It's described as self-illuminated spiritual evolution. It heals distorted beliefs, unconscious attitudes, automatic emotional responses and imprints from past traumas as well as enhancing our awareness of who we really are and our connection with the Divine.

Residing deep within each of us is a spiritual source of wisdom and knowledge far greater than our wakeful, conscious mind. Various cultures and teachings refer to this higher consciousness as the Spirit, Soul, Essence, Higher Self, Transcendental Self, God Self or Super-Consciousness. This consciousness is the energy that animates us and contains our deepest intuitive and spiritual knowing. It is virtually infinite in its capacity and holds all our answers, including the answers to why we are experiencing our difficulties and what we can do to resolve them. It appears we all experience this consciousness in essentially the same way: as a felt sense. It isn't something we reason or figure out. We simply experience it.

Western language struggles to describe this kind of wisdom because little attention is given to it outside of religious and spiritual belief systems. It's not addressed in our traditional psychology or counseling systems. Yet accessing this consciousness can provide us with the greatest possible opportunity for insight, change, spiritual and self awareness, and personal evolution.

So how do we access this seemingly all-knowing level of consciousness? Remarkably, one way appears to be through Applied Kinesiology, also known as muscle testing. This method of accessing answers through the body can be as reliable as any lab test; without proper training, it can also be very unreliable. Applied Kinesiology is an art and a science; the practitioner who uses it must understand the many things that can interfere with accurate testing. Healing Key Way practitioners are extensively trained in muscle testing, including methods of determining if there is interference in the testing. When properly applied, changes in the muscle strength of the arm become the mouthpiece to communicate with a person's Highest Guidance and Deepest Wisdom.

Healing Key Way practitioners use a protocol (a structured series of questions) to identify what is blocked in the client and conduct interventions to bring about healing. The session structure is briefly described below for the benefit of potential clients. Throughout the session, all answers are determined by muscle testing.

  1. We create sacred healing space in which to do our work. This has been practiced by indigenous spiritual healers for millennia. In Healing Key Way, it is done with invocation and prayer.
  2. We identify the Highest Priority Intention (HPI). This is your goal, what you want to achieve or have be different. An example is "to resolve issues related to feeling isolated." You may have ten or twenty intentions in mind, but your highest guidance knows what you need to address and in what order. A given HPI might take one or two sessions to complete or it could take many.
  3. We determine the Healing Keys that inform the session. Healing Keys are attributes, characteristics, experiences, gifts, knowledge or blessings needed for you to achieve your Highest Priority Intention. They are qualities of any whole and healed person. Examples of Healing Keys are: Core Sense of Self Value, Access to Inner Guidance, Sense of Contribution, Divine Blessing, and Healthy Boundaries. Identifying the Healing Keys for each session helps you know what aspect of yourself is being strengthened or restored, or what gift you are receiving.
  4. The client is guided to access what we call "stories," which reveal what may be needed for the healing. Stories may be real or symbolic, from the past or present or even a dream. The stories come from the client. They reveal a pattern of thought, feeling or other energetic imprint that began in the past and is showing up now in your life. In Healing Key Way and several other healing systems, this pattern is referred to as a thought field. Accessing the thought field makes it available for the healing intervention to impact it.
  5. We identify the specific intervention needed and conduct it. Most of these are short, simple techniques. Some are based on you tapping on a part of your body or placing your hands over specific energy centers or chakras. Other interventions involve hand and eye movements, as found in Brain Gym, or energy work similar to that of well-known authors Barbara Brennan and Donna Eden. (See the Book List for their books.)
  6. Once the trauma imprint or other unhealed energy is accessed via the story and the intervention is done, the gift of the Healing Key is received. This removes a block that has been keeping you from freely experiencing an ability or attribute, such as discernment or joy, that is part of your true nature. The intervention releases the inner barrier to your natural ability, gift or wisdom, and the session is complete.

In its processes, Healing Key Way incorporates ancient knowledge of energy- and spirit-based healing found in Ancient Mystical Christianity, Eastern healing and indigenous peoples' practices. The various parts and methods used in Healing Key Way have roots in many different teachings, yet they are woven together in a cohesive, elegant system for personal evolution and healing. Although stories of the past may arise and emotions may be experienced, Healing Key Way does not require or encourage getting bogged down in recounting past events or stuck in heavy emotional states.

Healing Key Way is based on certain basic premises:

  1. We are essentially an energetic field (Spirit) made up of different levels of consciousness, connected to a physical body.
  2. Everyone has a destiny, a destination and a purpose for their life.
  3. We experience life events that imprint as traumatic memories (conscious and unconscious) in our physical bodies and energetic fields, creating disturbances that inhibit living our lives fully.
  4. It's natural for an individual to seek help in order to feel more inner peace, move into alignment with their destiny and relate in a new way to the Divine and the experiences of life.
  5. By experiencing life through a new set of lenses, we can establish new relationships with every aspect of our life.
  6. The best and most lasting source of change for anyone is usually from within, rather than from any outside source. The Healing Key Way practitioner simply uses a set of tools to help the client access what is already inside of them.

Healing Key Way uses the Drama Triangle as a model for teaching internal and external relationship dynamics and change. The concept of the Drama Triangle is taken from Transactional Analysis, as developed by Stephen Karpman and described by Thomas Harris in his book I'm Okay, You're Okay. Lynne Forrest has written about the Drama Triangle extensively, and her article "The Faces of Victim" is offered at this link.

Healing Key Way is a powerful system designed to assist individuals in moving toward wholeness and happiness. It is intention-based, meaning it uses your personal intention for change - what you want to have different in your life. The intention is verbally stated and written. This is a springboard for everything else that follows. Based on the answers to the questions in the protocol, we can determine how to transform the situation and reach your intended goals for personal change and development. The result is a series of noticeable shifts, dissolving rigid patterns of thinking and behaving, and releasing automatic mental and emotional responses. All the answers come from you, creating your own unique spiritual healing path and allowing you to blossom into your full potential.

Click here for a History of Healing Key Way.


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